Mike Serda
The food is delicious, but the variety is where Rufy’s shines, and shines bright. They have anything you’re in the mood for from the norm like tacos and burritos, all the way to crazy like Takis or Doritos-infused dishes and everything in between. Their horchata is bangin’ and the churro sundae is fire too.
Johncarlo Barreras
Nice 👌
Max Calderon
Always good food and freshly made with good size portions!!!
Everardo Reyes
Food is always fresh. Love it I always stop bye wen I come into town to visit family 👪. Keep up the good work 👌 I would recommend it to anyone who loves baked potatoes 🥔
Tyanna Soto
Bangerrrrrr!!! Sweet spot for shrimp cocktail! Loaded it with shrimp- seriously, I seen a review on here about not having a lot of shrimp in theirz and that seems FAKE haha I’ve only ever experienced too much shrimp haha delicious drinks! My hubby loves the shrimp cocktail- and I’m a big fan of their tortas.
Sofia Gallegos
They sell delicious snacks
Sandy Gilardoni
I really enjoy this place. Love the variety.
Luis Carreno
I really enjoyed eating a quesadilla from rufys haven’t tried a quesadilla very delicious 10/10 the nachos with asada were 10/10 I will definitely recommend this to any friend or family absolutely will be back here again